Buddy WiFi users either own or just ride on neighbor / Public Facilities, must be added that many users slow. Well this software can handle it, by way of internet disconnect other users. And can also be used in figuring

Step Work Netcut
  1. Netcut makes the laptop / computer as a gateway pal. then he is free to regulate who enters, and who need to be kicked out.
  2. Working according to ARP (address resolution protocol) spoofing. then she outsmarts the mac adress with ip adress of the computer the other computer. example, a computer would be communication to b. however, the c tiba2 disrupt communications. initially due to the infiltration of c has successfully done arp section. c then the fun can only be diapain tuh data already in pickpocket. will be dropped, in whole continued up to him.
  3. Netcut software is very popular in the age group of free wifi internet users.

Wearing step Netcut
  1. Netcut usage is very easy and simple.
  2. Download netcut software installed on the computer doing
  3. Live set ip / hostname / mac address client who wants disconnected by clicking cut off.
  4. The user can immediately disconnected from the server to free her mate or her resume or click replace its own ip address.
Download netcut terbaru 2013  : [DOWNLOAD]
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