Film Cinta Dalam Kardus

Film Cinta Dalam Kardus

After Raditya Dika successfully make 15 million more people laughing on youtube, now, Radith has completed his latest film, the Love In Cartons. Perhaps for me, the movie Love In Cartons can be also called the Sunday Night Movie Miko, who really love if in miss.

Director: Salman Aristo

Actor: Raditya Dika, Riyan Adriani, Dahlia Poland, Ozan Son, Daughter Anizabella, Wichita Satari and many some other players.

Love in a Cardboard Synopsis: Miko, an awkward guy, want to try standup comedy to forget about the problem with his girlfriend, Princess. However, when on stage, instead telling Miko relics of a former 21-gebetannya gebetan which he kept in a box. Along with him telling these items, Miko learned something important about love.

Film Love In Cardboard is a movie romantic comedy genre. This movie aired in the middle of this year, on June 13, 2013.

For the curious, immediately wrote Liet trailer below ..

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