Film Honeymoon

Film Honeymoon

Honeymoon Movie Info

Production: Star Vision

Producer: Chand Parwez Servia, Fiaz Serbia

Director: Ends Purnomo HW

Author: Diana Ali Baraqbah

Starring: Shireen Sungkar, Al Fatir Mochtar, Nino Fernandez, Sylvia Fully R, Paperboy Rasti, Khalid Wakid

Edar Date: Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Filming Format: HD

Color: Color

Telkomnika sweat: Dolby Digital

Main Language: Indonesia

Film Synopsis Honeymoon

Betrayed Zevana artist and model, Yang's wife dreams to be expected, made ​​him a successful businessman, initiated FIND A Still Life sacred companion and not involved socially drinking. Beautiful nude Named David find Farah. David soon marry.

FIRST evening turned into night only thing scary * For Farah. Yet he runs READY Marrieds relationship. Alleged Signs of pregnancy Farah made ​​her crave a thing-in-law and grandchildren ITU Review Very soon checked Into Place &. David's mother was shocked to know zilch Still virgin daughter

David Farah and eventually go on a honeymoon. However, exotica Romantika PLACE TO TOUR And do not fear Farah melt. Turns Farah disease due to trauma of the Past. The inner turmoil Farah cut when her husband was found in a hotel Together Woman lying. Feeling betrayed, Farah decided to divorce language from David.

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