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Nata and Niki are two friends who are always together at the stars on a trampoline and it's almost become routine. Each Niki asked about who first fell in love in between them, Nata always answer "you". Nata in school and have friends Niki named Annalise (Anna) relocated from New York. Anna is the only child of well-known models Vidia Rossa. The three of them became close friends. It turns out Anna put affection to Nata. On the other hand Nata also feel there is a change of self Niki.
A day-to-know by Niki basketball captain of his high school opponents. Oliver's famous children SMA Pelita. Niki became nervous when one day Oliver take her out and declare his love for Niki. Niki immediately feel how nice to have a boyfriend and immediately told Nata and Anna. Nata was surprised and said that Oliver did not deserve a girlfriend Niki. Nata said in his heart that he first fell in love.
Anna invites Nata and Niki to her house to pick her photo collection. Niki find a collection of photos of Nata who secretly recorded by Anna. Nata ventured to ask about the picture. Anna also said that he loves to Nata. Anna then quickly said that there should be no answers from Nata because he already knew the answer. Nata be relieved and said that this was the first time there was a girl who claimed direct perasaaannya him.

One day Nata Niki came into the room and accidentally read the songs Nata, but there are things that made him limp when he read about her feelings Nata. Nata knew and Niki wanted to leave the room, but was detained by Nata who grabbed his hand and said in a low voice, "I love lo, Nik". Niki did not answer and walked away. When the Nata felt he was missing something important in his life. Nata and Niki friendship became strained.

An after school when approaching the Nata trying Niki, want to say something about his feelings and Nata also said that he did not want to ruin the relationship niki persabatannya especially with Oliver. Nata just like Niki did not stay away from him. Niki finally dare to say that he still deem Nata as friends and sorry if it does not receive Nata feelings. Niki felt sometimes miss to Anna and Nata, he could only peek of her home when Nata fun joking with Anna on the trampoline. Her special place with Nata.

SMA Pelita would throw a party, will be a partner Niki Oliver. However, Niki shocked and angry when he saw Oliver paired with Helena. Helena had planned the whole thing because he was jealous of Niki. Helena Oliver managed to fool by saying that he will be bringing with Shasa. Oliver would do all this because love Shasa.

Niki terkaget when Nata took her home from the party. Come save her best friend. Nata came without the knowledge of Niki and told by Oliver that he had to pick up Niki. Oliver actually did not have the heart to do it. Eventually they both decided to chat on the trampoline. They both came back to make it up.

Graduation will soon arrive. Annalise decided to go to college, while Niki was still confused. Nata Niki could not leave, even though he had received overseas schools. Danny knew what happened to her sister. He also advocated that Nata and the school would not have to worry about Niki. Nata night and Niki decided to spend the night on a trampoline while remembering his childhood days past until they both fell asleep on top of the trampoline. After waking, they noticed two planets shining that morning, walking like two friends. Finally the breakup occurred, Nata will go for a long time. Nata Niki gently kissed her forehead, membekaskan all her love to her. They both cried and Nata said to myself "I'll be home soon and, at that time, I will not let go lo again".

After nearly five years of Nata and Niki parted. Until one day Nata home and decided to stop by his old school. Shouts a woman teacher makes Nata want to find the origin of the sound. Nata heart fluttered, stunned and unable to move when it's discovered the source of noise. They both stared at each other, the woman exclaimed as wanted, but it just whisper. Nothing has changed. They still have each other; past, now, and forever.

Jenis Film : DRAMA,romance
Produser : Ody Mulya
Sutradara : Fajar Nugros
Casts : Maxime Bouttier, Chelsea Elizabeth, Stevani Nepa, Stevani Nepa, Aditya Firmansyah, Afgansyah Reza, Maudy Ayunda, Maxime Bouttier, Chelsea Elizabeth, Stevani Nepa, Stevani Nepa, Aditya Firmansyah

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