Film Get Married 4

Film Get Married 4

Producer: Chand Parwez Servia, Fiaz Servia
Production: Servia
Director: Monty Tiwa
Star: Nirina Zubir, Nino Fernandez, Tatjana Saphira
Genre: Comedy

Exciting stories in the series Get Married is never drab. This has become one of the triggers presence The fourth movie titled Get M4rried. Moreover the story will be in focus this time?

As usual, Mae asked the three friends to cancel the wedding Sophie, by redirecting Sophie attention to other men. Although at first was confusion, but it was solved with presence Jali (Ricky Harun), a new apprentices in the Village where Babe (Jaja Mihardja) served as headman.

Meanwhile, Mae complete the plan by asking Sophie to stay at his parents' house as learning to know the world more weddings far. 'm Running plans, Mae attention instead sidetracked with the shocking news that he did not expect. It made Mae preoccupied with his own world and make Rendy suspect if he was having an affair.

Curious how the excitement that presented M4rried Get? seen starting August 2, 2013 only at Cinema XXI

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