Film Bangun Lagi Dong Lupus

Film Bangun Lagi Dong Lupus

Jenis Film : drama/comedy
Produser : Eko Patrio
Sutradara : Benni Setiawan

Lupus (Miqdad auddausy) is the figure of a more populist teenager, he was a high school student who actively write RED WHITE as a magazine journalist, happy to chew gum, cool and a little naughty. Ignorance is more humorous than harm and malice, the story line is displayed ignorance Lupus in daily life - both at home and school day.

The story begins to move lupus SMA Merah Putih and met a girl of the same beautiful high school girl named Poppy (Acha Septriasa) Both are involved in the fabric of a love triangle, because it already has a lover that Poppie DANIEL (Kevin Julio), whose life of luxury. Lupus does not care about that, instead continue to strive to make the girlfriend Poppie.

As the noose hanging Lupus quickly got a friend who later becomes his best friend was evicted (Jeremiah Christiant) - stylish Sableng artist, who dreams of a house is very simple for the engkong (Didi Petet) There is also a Boim (Alfie Alfandy) - playboy cap duren three that appear bold ugly. There are also ANTO (Fabila Mahadira) - the nerd with a lot of ideals.

Poppie like a trophy is competed Daniel and Lupus, they compete trying to take care of the idol. While the friend Lupus living with conflict each ......

Drag had a problem with her canteen (Debby Sahertian) and brother-in-law (Firda Kusller) fierce. Boim who pursued debt Collector (General Hercules) in debt her mother (Cici Tegal) ...
Anto who have a problem with the lack of pedean about friendship .......

There is no serious problem in this movie, with all the teen romance Problems and accomplishments and friendships many stories coloring. Behind senua silliness, humor and other silly things tucked compassion, the essence of goodness, achievement and value of friendship.

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